Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice

There is nothing quite like hardwood flooring to bring timeless elegance, outstanding durability, and an extensive lifespan to your home. It also adds value to your home, especially when installed in more than one room. To find out more about these materials and how they might best serve your requirements, read along to find out more about them.

Are you ready for hardwood floors?

Solid hardwood is easily the longest-lasting material you can purchase in the hardwood flooring line, offering more than 100 years when properly maintained. It is durable enough for most areas of your home, especially when finished well. Most importantly, it can quickly meet your need for the perfect décor match, with extensive color and pattern options that will withstand trend and décor changes alike. Engineered wood flooring is another option in this line, featuring a layered plywood backing and a natural wood veneer on top. The functionality and performance these materials offer to make it an excellent addition to below-grade spaces. In addition, it stands up to many of the environmental factors that prevent solid hardwood from being installed there. Finally, while it only offers a lifespan that averages 30 years, it can still be refinished, just like solid wood can. Both of these materials provide options for extensive personalization, with stain colors, grain patterns, and installation techniques that can all work toward your specific décor-matching needs. The finish you choose can be important as well, offering both appearance and protection. Options such as hand-scraped, vintage, or distressed can work to hide signs of wear, including scratches and scrapes, for a beautiful appearance that lasts longer than the high-gloss finish, especially in busy areas.

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