When waterproof flooring is a must

When you need protection from water damage in one or more rooms of your home, waterproof flooring is an absolute must. These materials do far more than protect against spills, dampness, and moisture. They also offer outstanding visuals, durability, and lifespan, and you can find out more about the products by reading along here.

Water-resistance or waterproof?

Some homeowners ask if water-resistant flooring is the same thing as waterproof, and the answer, quite simply, is no. With water-resistant products, you get a certain amount of time to handle spills, dampness, and other moisture issues, with some products giving you as much as 72 hours before damage begins to occur. However, with waterproof products, you will never see water damage, no matter how long your floors are exposed.

To provide a whole-home solution for your flooring needs, options such as waterproof vinyl flooring offer a wide selection of visuals, including materials that mimic natural hardwood, stone, and porcelain tile materials. As a result, you will find the same gorgeous colors, patterns, and textures you might find in the natural thing to create a décor-matching experience that serves you well, no matter which rooms need flooring. In the same way, the different formats these materials offer also help you and include some of the same installation opportunities as the real thing.

These floors also offer exceptional durability for outstanding performance, including a top wear layer protecting against scratches, scuffs, stains, and fading, to leave you with beautiful floors for many years. The layered construction also offers the stability you expect from your flooring, even in highly active areas, so it is perfect for pets and children. So be sure to stop by today to find out more about these remarkable materials and what they can do for your home.

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